Production & Delivery


On average the production, foiling and packing of condoms will take 2-3 months. This includes testing. Only Super thin 55 micron condoms take 1 month longer due to the special treatment of the latex.

Depending on where the condoms have to be delivered, shipment takes about 1 month. 

So the total lead time is at least 4 months.

(5 months for Super thin 55 micron condoms).

ISO4074 standard

Condoms are a Medical Device Class IIb. 

Worldwide CE condoms have to comply with the ISO4074 standard. 
This standard contains an extensive and stringent test procedure. It also contains the required amount of information that has to be stated in the local language on the condom foil, leaflet and packaging. 

At this moment the standard is under revision. Bizzy Diamond is an active member of the  NEN commission and participates in the normalization of the ISO4074 standard.

Country of 


Every country or region in the world has their own law for medical devices. Therefore we will always ask you in which country you are going to sell your goods. This is to make sure that your product and packaging are in compliance with the local laws.



Our condoms are produced in Asia and Europe.

We select our factories with care. Of course our factories comply with all legally required standards. We assess them based on product knowledge, ability, hygiene and care during the production process. Every factory is audited by an official notified body once every year. 


 Private label



To guarantee maximum quality, all our condoms are checked according to a stringent quality procedure.

  • The first condom test is done in the factory directly after production.
  • The second condom test is the electronical test for leakage. Every condom is electronically tested before it is packed.
  • The third condom test is performed randomly and done by an independent test laboratory outside of the country of production. They have to approve every production batch before they are shipped out.
  • The fourth test is performed randomly on the condom foil. This test is to assure the foil is well sealed and the required amount of lubricant is inside.
  • The fifth test is the final random check. Before any product leaves the factory we check to see if they are produced and packed according to the approved product specifications.

Private label

private label condoms - MOQ 144000 PIECES


If you are contemplating launching your own private label condom brand, you've come to the right place. 

Whether you want to launch your own private label condom range or are looking for a special promotional item, we can help you make the product that will suit your needs.

Please take the time to look at our website. If you have any questions or things are not clear, just contact us for advice or a price offer. We will be more than pleased to help you.

quality & testing

Medical device

ResponsIble sourcing 

We are a member of Amfori-BSCI, who’s goal it is to enhance human prosperity, use natural resources responsibly and drive open trade globally. Our factories support the code of conduct and are audited every year according to the Amfori-BSCI standards. These standards support healthy and safe working environments and fair treatment and remuneration for workers.


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How people regard a condom depends on their expectations and personal preference in relation to the shape, size, look, feel and scent. Therefore it is almost impossible to make a condom that suits everybody's needs ...this goes for most products.

What we do for you is select the best latex. Select the manufacturers with the best skills, factories and hygienic procedures. We choose the best ingredients for your coloured and flavoured products. 
And..... all the products are tested several times by independent laboratories before shipment to you.

Bizzy Diamond BV condoms and personal lubricant offers all types of condoms available in your own private label packaging.