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MoreAmore condom range offers a selection of our best condoms. The packs contain 7 different languages. Any language can be added on request.

Available with CE mark or with FDA requirements.

MoreAmore range:

Soft Skin: Standard 52mm condom

Comfy Skin: Comfort shape condom

Thin Skin: 55 micron super thin condom

Fun Skin: Super Dots & Ribs condom



Additional to the MoreAmore condoms we offer a range of lubricants. 

Skin Glyde: Silicon-based lubricant

Aqua Glyde: Water-based lubricant

Fresh 'n Clean: Body cleanser

Fun Glyde: Water-based lubricant in the flavours:

  • Strawberry
  • Blackberry
  • Vanilla
  • Mint
  • Cola




NYOY condoms are packed in rectangular foil per 10 condoms in a box. This makes them an excellent price fighter. 

NYOY range:

Basic: Standard 52mm condom

Extra Thin: Thin 52mm condom

Dots&Ribs: Dotted & ribbed condom

Lubricant 100ml: Water-based lubricant 

Massage 2in1 100ml: Silicon-based lubricant

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Bizzy Diamond BV condoms and personal lubricant offers all types of condoms available in your own private label packaging.


Ready to go condom & lubricant ranges 

If you are not able to start your own brand, you can use one of ours for a quick and easy start. Our brand packaging comes with a wide variety of languages.